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Pave your legacy

Road to Infamy is a fast-paced bidding game for 2-4 players. In this game you are a wealthy gang leader competing against the rival gangs to become the most infamous crime operation in Chicago. To win, you’ll have to collect the most Infamy Points.

Road to Infamy is simple to learn, yet deep enough where you are discovering new strategies every time you play it. But the best part of the game is that you never have to wait for your turn because players make actions at the same time.

How To Play

Players start with a hand of 6 bids. Players choose a bid and place it face down in the ready position. When everyone is ready the bids are simultaneously revealed. The bids’ colors signify what you are bidding on (see below). After 3 turns the highest bidder on each color wins that corresponding prize. Players take their winnings and reset the board for the next hand. The player with the most Infamy Points wins.

For a more in depth look at how this game works, watch our Tutorial Video. For a glance at the basics, swipe through the Quick Rules below. For a complete understanding of the game, download the rulebook.

Quick Rules

Click and drag or use the arrows to slide between the rules.

Advanced Strategies


The Bust action card is one of the most powerful cards the game. It discourages players from bidding over 7 on any prize. To master Road To Infamy, you'll need to know not only when to use Bust, but how to read your opponents and know when it is safe to bid over 7.

Gangster Combos

Certain Gangster pairings can be synergistic and can really add to the threat level of your gang. For example, the Mob Boss gives you an Infamy Point for every Gangster you own, while the Recruiter gives you a permanent +2 to your Gangster bid, making it easier to get new recruits and thus scoring extra points.


  • 4 Gang Mats
  • 52 Contraband tokens
  • 57 Bids
  • 4 Brawl cards
  • 12 Gangster cards
  • Game Board
  • Cop Marker
  • Contraband bag
  • Rulebook

The War for Contraband

In Road To Infamy you will take command of one of the four gangs fighting for control of the city. To accomplish this, the gangs will compete to collect the four types of Contraband: Weapons, Jewels, Chemicals, and Credit Cards. Each Contraband token is worth 1 Infamy Point. However, each gang is infamous for a different type of crime and gains double Infamy Points for collecting Contraband tokens that match their favored type.


A well-organized and long-established gang of professional criminals, The Rebels Motorcycle Club specializes in gun-running, protection, and intimidation. Although smaller in numbers than the Cartel within The City, the club is national and their experience, connections, and cunning make them a dangerous force to be reckoned with.

Favored Type: Weapons


Known amongst themselves as “The Kurultai,” the Bandits are a team of extremely lethal and intelligent criminals who specialize in heist operations. Talented and ambitious, they are composed of various veteran criminals, ex-special forces, and intelligence personnel. The Bandits’ planning acumen and flawless execution turn even the most basic operations into a thing of art and precision.

Favored Type: Jewels


Young, transient, violent, and loyal, The Cartel makes, moves, and sells a number of potent products under the leadership of the ruthless and enigmatic “La Cobrita.” Although well established in the Central Americas, they’ve expanded to Chicago and are intent on breaking into the market with an excess of muscle and cash.

Favored Type: Chemicals


Led by a puppetmaster known only as “Kernel,” the Hackers use their prodigious and prolific skills to siphon money, keep tabs on criminal operations in Chicago, and instigate not a few of their own. Masters of concealment, they rarely get their own hands dirty, preferring to use their gathered intelligence to tip off either the police or one of the other factions when they have a problem that only muscle can solve.

Favored Type: Credit Cards


Each Gangster has a unique ability that you can use for the rest of the game. While not all Gangsters give you extra Infamy Points, their abilities are extremely powerful and can help you win future hands, protect your Contraband, and open new strategies. Depending on the combination of Gangsters you recruit, your strategies for collecting Infamy Points can drastically change, giving you a unique experience every time you play.

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Bid Actions

As a gang leader you've already earned your stacks of cash. Now it's time to spend your money on the black market. Bid cards have values ranging from 1 to 5, but the lower values have powerful game-changing actions.

You can use Actions to sabotage opponent bids, gamble for bonus bids, steal Contraband, assassinate Gangsters, and a variety of other underhanded moves. Bid actions are the most strategic component of the game. A player who can anticipate opponents' moves will have the greatest advantage at winning the prizes.

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