Class-up any party

Bowties is a drinking card game you can play at parties, bars, or just about anywhere. While friends and guests mingle, eat, or even play other games, the rules are always in effect.

Each player is given a card with a unique rule that indicates when they have to drink. When you spot someone doing the rule on their card, tell them to drink. Your goal is to figure out why everyone else is telling you to drink!

What's in the box?

70 Oversized Drinking Rule Cards (4.75 x 2.75 in)

How To Play

The goal of the game is to figure out what your rule card says.

To start, draw a random rule card or have a friend draw three cards and pick one for you. Do NOT look at it. Clip the card to your collar or somewhere you can’t see it, but others can.

When you see a player doing the rule on their card, tell them to drink. You may wait a couple seconds before calling someone out so that it is not obvious to them why they must drink.

When someone correctly guesses their rule, cheers to their success and everyone drinks! That player replaces the old rule by clipping a new rule card on top of it. The first player to correctly guess 3 rule cards wins!


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