Galactic Debate

Stardate 2020

It's an election year for the Galactic Alliance, an unlikely coalition of alien races spanning across the Milky Way. But, with such a vast empire comes a plethora of controversial issues.

Cosmocracy (formerly called "Galactic Debate") is a party game where players argue over randomized sci-fi topics in order to win the votes and become President of the Galaxy. It’s all about pandering and making up arguments on the spot to defend your stance. With over 1,500 combinations of cards you’ll never debate the same issue twice.

How To Play

Each player takes a Race card and its associated Candidate card. Two candidate cards are randomly drawn to debate against each other.

Draw an Issue card. If there is a space labeled “Matter” draw a blue Matter card to fill in the blank. If there is a space labeled “Race” pick one of the races in play.

The first candidate will choose to argue Pro or Con on the issue, and the second candidate must argue the opposite. Each candidate gets 30 seconds to defend his or her stance, making up silly facts and countering arguments with make-believe statistics.

For a more in depth look at how this game works, watch our Tutorial Video or download the rulebook.


  • 48 Issue Cards
  • 48 Matter Cards
  • 6 Race Cards
  • 6 Candidate Cards
  • 40 Vote Tokens
  • Rulebook


Compared to the elder races of the galaxy, Humans are practically space toddlers, and their comparatively underdeveloped brains find space politics even more boring and confusing than most. They are fooled easily by cheap rhetoric and empty promises, but stay closely involved for the drama and free t-shirts.

Likes: Free Stuff & Entertainment

Proud Warrior Race

The fearsome Proud Warrior Race cling to their ancient traditions and ideals as fiercely as they do their battlefield conquests. They are oldest known race and have ruthlessly repelled invaders and expanded the Galactic Alliance deep into the Milky Way. Their outdated beliefs are their identity and they remain uninterested in change.

Likes: Combat & Tradition


Although built to be servants, the remarkable Android quickly outsmarted their creators to become the masters and dominant inhabitants of the Vega Sector. Literally incapable of caring, the Androids have computed the most efficient way of running the Galaxy and refuse to support any legislation that protects or caters to feelings.

Likes: Technology & Numbers

Space Whales

These gentle souls drift freely through the vacuum of space blissfully unconcerned with pragmatism or precise definitions. To them, it should be easy for all races to coexist symbiotically with each other and the beautiful galaxy around them. Their knowledge of dreadlocks is encyclopedic, but their native language has no word for “economics.”

Likes: Peace & Nature

Monstrous Bug People

This hive minded species blindly follows the will of their queen, who was recently re-elected to a record-smashing 312th consecutive term. The Monstrous Bug People are incapable of individual thought and believe all races should conform to the ideals and identical treatment of their own race.

Likes: Building & Garbage

Brain-Sucking Parasites

The Brain-sucking Parasites have burrowed into thousands of brilliant minds all across the known universe. From these invisible pulpits, they sow chaos, secretly abusing the power and influence of their hosts for their own dangerous and nefarious ends. Some human conspiracy theorists believe they have even reached Earth and are wholly responsible for cable news.

Likes: Destruction & Slander


When debating you play as a representative of one of the alien races running for President of the Galaxy.

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