Road To Infamy

A fast-paced, strategy board game where gang leaders compete to run the most infamous crime operation in Chicago.

*Only ships to USA


A party game where players argue over issues plaguing the universe in order to win the votes and become President of the Galaxy.


A drinking game where you tell players to drink when they do their rule, but the catch is no one knows what their rule is!

Meet the Designers

Jeffrey Chin and Andrew Nerger started Road To Infamy Games in their Chicago apartment in October 2014. Their passion for game design stemmed from inventing games to entertain their friends, including a Hunger Games RPG and a live action Mario Party. Eventually they decided to try to convert those fun hangout activities into reproducible gaming experiences, so Road To Infamy Games was born. Jeff handles the graphic design, social media, and video content, while Andrew does finances, production, and other businessy stuff. Together they design "boiled-down," streamlined games where every component serves a strategic and compelling purpose, and every word on the cards and rules is absolutely necessary.


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